• Du 15 February 2023 au 15 February 2033
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The lectures given during the Thematic school "Habitability in the Solar System and beyond" have been recorded and are available online.

The lectures are available in the following order in the "results" section:
- "Planetary habitability: an introduction" by Charles Cockell
- "Past habitable environments on Mars" by Nicolas Mangold
- "Mars: current habitability" by Frances Westall
- "Organic matter on ancient and modern Mars. Into martian habitability" by Caroline Freissinet
- "Emergence and early evolution of live on earth" by Puri Lopez
- "Search for life in the Solar System" by jorge Vago: Part I & II
- "Icy Worlds" by Olivier Bollengier: Part I, II & III
- "Water-rock interactions: hydrothermal reactions, energy, and habitability of icy ocean worlds and beyond" by Yasu Sekine
- "Exoplanet Atmosphere Recipes", Part I & II,  by Edwin KITE
- "Les océans cachés des lunes de Jupiter et de Saturne" by Christophe Sotin
- "Outer Solar System Exploration" by Olivier Grasset